All-On-4TM is a revolutionary dental implant procedure that is considered to be the most advanced technology in the field today.  The name is based on the fact that a full set of upper and/or lower replacement teeth can be affixed permanently in a patient’s mouth, anchored by only four dental implants (see illustration below).    Unlike dentures, which have to be removed for cleaning and can feel loose and uncomfortable, All-on-4TM dental implants are permanent and come as close to feeling like your real teeth as possible.


Countless people suffer with bad teeth, advanced periodontal disease, severe dry mouth or poor oral health. Many struggle with unsightly partial or ill-fitting painful dentures or are completely edentulous (no teeth). Major barriers for solving these problems are the perceived complexity, stagnant technology and the high cost of treatment. Now, there is a solution, a cost effective, proven solution:  the All-on-4TM treatment option. Replacing failing teeth, missing teeth or dentures with this fixed dental implant option will change your life forever. Your new dental implants will act and feel like real teeth improving your appearance, self confidence and overall well-being.

All-on-4TM is a trademark of Nobel Biocare.